News from Ranthambhore and its surroundings

Ranthambhore national park reopens on 1st October 2017 for the new season

Tourist Zones 1 to 5 of the Ranthambhore national park, that close for three months of July, August and September every year because of monsoons rains, re-opened for visitors on the 1st October 2017. Zone 6 to 10 that are on the adjoining sanctuaries of the tiger reserve stay open throughout the year. There are right now 11 tigresses with over 20 c [...]

Theo Allof's wildlife photography masterclass

Theo Allofs is one of the best nature and landscape photographer in the world. He has been a full time professional photographer for over 30 years and has won almost every prestigious award that there is on the planet. He is one of the very few professional nature photographer in the world. In our opinion there are not more than 20 true professio [...]

Proud to be closely associated with so many winners of Jackson Hole Wildlife Film awards

We do not if there is any wildlife lodge in India whose regular guests have won seven awards in the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film festival. This film festival is held every alternate year and is by far the most prestigious wildlife film festival in the world. Any wildlife filmmaker would be on top of the world if their film is screened at the festiv [...]

Saevus Aditya Singh Photography Workshop

Before the workshop ‚Ä®‚Ä®Registered participants to submit a small portfolio of work to Aditya Singh. He will review the portfolio to understand the participant's experience and to identify the areas of improvements. He will contact each (or a small group) of the participants via email or phone to provide them inputs on their portfol [...]

T 17 - an injured mother fights on

On the 23rd December evening someone had seen pugmarks of T 17 and her three cubs in the Mandoop plateau. She has been spending most of her time in a place called Kachida valley and we were happy that she was near the lakes (Mandoop is very close to the lakes). The next morning we went to Mandoop and found fresh pugmarks of T 17 and a male tige [...]

Seasons Greetings 2012-13

Male tiger in Mandoop plateau

Two days ago I came across a male tiger -  T 28 or Star male in the Mandoop plateau of the Ranthambhore national park. A few days ago he had fought with another tigress (T 17 or Sundari who is a mother of three cubs) over a kill and both the tigers had been limping since then. We found him sleeping on the track near the Mandoop talai - good [...]

Noor and Sultan

Noor and Sultan (in other words T 39 and her her male cub) have been the most rocking "wild" models this seaon. Their territory is in what is designated as Zone1, 2 and partly 6. They are not easy to find but when you do find them......................   Noor or T 39 With "Sultan" her 10 month old cub A b [...]