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Rapidly changing morning light in winters

On the 23rd November morning we left for the morning safari from The Ranthambhore Bagh at 0630 hours. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the final gate, which opens at 0700 hours during November and December. When you go for the safari you have to go past two gates - one is at the main entrance to the park and the other one is where your safari starts from (about 6 or kilometers from the main entrance gate). The gate where your safari starts from opens at 0700 hours in the winters but the main entrance gate opens earlier, as it take some time to get to the second gate on bad roads. 

Just as we crossed the main entrance gate we saw T 24 or the Sultanpur male walking on the main road. Look at the rapidly changing winter morning light in the four pictures below. It went from nearly pitch dark to magic light in under 20 minutes. The most rapid change was between 0650 and 0700 - in ten minutes the light went from being bad to brilliant.

ranthambhore tiger

ranthambore tiger

tiger india

wild tigers



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